Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.Does each participant need to register or can we buy just one for our team?

    A.Just like attending a live workshop, each individual attendee registers. We have the reduced-price additional attendee rate of $695 which makes it affordable. In addition, that is the one-time rate for access to the training as long as the team member is with your organization.

  • Q.Do we get printed materials?

    A.There are workbook materials you will need to download and print. All materials will be online in the course portal.

  • Q.What if we miss the live webinar?

    A.No worries! The live weekly interactive webinars will be recorded and stored in the course portal for access at any time, just like all of the material.

  • Q.I set appointments. Is this just for people selling over the phone?

    A.Regardless of whether your end objective is to sell, set an appointment, or anything in between, you will benefit. We cover a proven, time-tested sales process that you apply to your type of call and objective.

  • Q.Do you provide scripts for calls?

    A.We provide lots of word-for-word examples of messaging you can use or adapt for every part of the call. A voice mail message and opening statement can and should be scripted word-for-word in advance and you will get examples and templates. The remainder of the conversational consultative process requires give-and-take. We also give messaging to use in these steps in the process.

  • Q.I'm different, I sell a product/service/whatever... will this apply to me?

    A.After 23 years and over 5000 graduates, we’ve had sellers of virtually every type of product and service attend and benefit. That’s because what’s emphasized is that prospects and customers don’t buy a product or service itself. They are interested in, and buy a RESULT, which all truly successful salespeople focus on.