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Who Attends the Smart Calling College?

Attend the training workshop that has helped thousands of salespeople since 1992. Now in a convenient online format, and you get lifetime access!

The Smart Calling College (formerly the Telesales College) inside sales training and prospecting seminar is designed for professional business-to-business salespeople who use the phone as their primary method of communication with prospects and customers. Titles for this function include Inside Sales, Telesales, Account Management, Business Development, Lead Generation, Customer Service (if they’re proactive) and Telemarketing (if they use a consultative, needs-based approach).

Outside sales reps who want to be more effective at prospecting (Smart Calling, not cold calling) and use their time more efficiently also show great results from the College. Regardless of whether your call objective is to qualify and set an appointment, or to sell, this program is for you.

The sales instruction is at the hands-on level, for the person who is on the phone. However, we find about 30% of attendees are managers, supervisors, and trainers who are able to take the hundreds of how-to ideas, word-for-word tips and strategies and use them in their own in-house inside sales training. And if you are a manager or trainer and your team is attending, you most definitely need to as well, so that everyone is working from the same process and terminology.

For Both the New and Experienced Sales Professionals
Reps who have never had sales training will implement a proven methodical system for placing successful inside sales and prospecting calls, and become confident in doing so. (Our experience shows it pays to correctly train new reps before bad habits are entrenched.)

Experienced sales pros get re-energized, armed with new ideas, old bad habits corrected, and being reminded of the tried and true--yet sometimes neglected--fundamentals which were rescued from the recesses of their memory. We’ve even had individuals attend the College a second time a year or so after their first experience, and get as much or more from it. Ultimately, the results shown from the College aren’t a function of an attendee’s years of sales experience, but rather his or her attitude toward self-improvement.

The College Addresses All Aspects of Using the Phone In the Professional Sales Process
Sales professionals perform some, or all, of these functions in their jobs. Here is how you’ll show results from the College in each:

Inside Sales/Account Management

  • How to build value on every contact so you’re welcomed on every call, as opposed to being viewed as a typical salesperson or vendor they price-haggle with
  • What to say to avoid opening calls with, “Just checking in with you to see if everything’s OK.”

Prospecting and Cold (Smart) Calling/Lead generation/Outside Selling

  • You'll cover Art's proven Smart Calling prospecting process that sales reps worldwide are using to get through, get in , and sell!
  • How to use the phone to ensure that you spend your valuable face-to-face time with interested, qualified, buyers, instead of people who say, “You have five minutes, make it quick,” out in the lobby

"When I first went to your College seminar, three companies and eight years ago, I was making $5.50/hour plus commission and hoping to break $20K/year. I still use the phone skills you taught, and now I'm the Regional Account Manager in outside sales for a division of McGraw Hill doing high-level sales, and my income has increased substantially as well. Thanks for the advice and training over the years. It has paid off TREMENDOUSLY!"
Tim Nelson, Regional Account Manager,
McGraw-Hill Construction Dodge


For Managers and Trainers, Too.
We've found that historically anywhere from 5% to 40% of the classes are comprised of managers and trainers who want to learn more, and incorporate the material into their own in-house training.  Here' s a comment from one such attendee:

 "I thoroughly enjoyed your sales college this week in Scottsdale and am looking forward to incorporating the ideas/activities into my sales training. I have told everyone who will listen how fantastic it was and how much I got out of it. Thank you. And I truly think that you should advertise your seminars more to sales trainers as well. Budgets may not allow companies to send multiple reps, however sending one or two trainers is feasible (and they can turn around and incorporate/implement the materials covered with all reps). I'm excited to get started. -)"

Tonja Snelling, Sales Trainer
Direct Alliance Corp


Complements Your In-House Training
Even if you have a regular inside sales training program for your staff, consider sending reps to the College to maximize their productivity. Some companies send reps as a reward for productivity or winning a sales contest. While that’s a good idea, don’t neglect the people who also probably need the training and reinforcement the most. No one can get too much inside sales training, and most people don’t get enough. A well-trained sales rep on the phone is confident, has a great attitude, sells more, and causes less personnel hassles. It’s a small investment in future success. Sign up for the College today!

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