The Smart Calling Sales Stimulus Elite Training Program

Open enrollment has closed. However, in this uncertain time, we understand many are experiencing hardship, and there are those who have the passion and desire to better themselves. We are evaluating situations on an individual basis, and offering the Stimulus program at the special pricing briefly to a limited number of participants depending on their circumstances. If you would like to apply to be considered, and would enroll if a spot were offered to you,
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Summary of the Program

-Access to the Smart Calling College comprehensive training course until October 1, 2020 (complete details below)  $895 value

-FIVE live training webinars with Art, reviewing the virtual training, answering specific questions, reviewing voice mails and openers from participants, and providing timely script ideas for the present environment. ($400 value)
(NOTE:The webinars were already held and recorded, and are available for immediate access in the course area.)

Only $65!

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The Main Component

Learn the Secrets of Using the Phone to Grab Interest, Avoid Resistance, Get Through Voice Mail, Set More Quality Appointments and/or Close More, Bigger Sales By Phone!

Proven Training to Help You Get Through, Get In, and Sell!

Attend the program that over 5,000 sales pros have graduated and benefitted from, and are now selling more than they ever have.

The Smart Calling College training workshop is a hybrid virtual and live training. Art took two days of training that was delivered in person in the past, updated it, and delivered it online, with modules chunked into shorter, convenient-to-watch sessions. Plus, participants will be able to attend five live webinar training sessions, which will also be recorded and placed in the course area.



Art, I wanted you to know that your program has had the best reception from our sales team and you really nailed the issues sales people have when making the first contact with a prospect.  The material is 1st rate and easy for anyone in sales to understand and your suggestions on how to develop sales strategy as well as create a great message that will ensure a higher probability of a positive response from a prospect.  I am pleased at how everyone is looking forward to each discussion during and after going over the program.  In fact Module 5 was so well received that in the interest of time, we had to split it into two sessions.

Emre Schveighoffer
CEO at National Resource Management, Inc.

What is the Smart Calling College?

The Smart Calling College inside sales training and prospecting is a complete step-by-step online training course for professional sales representatives who use the phone as their main method of communication--or for any outside or inside sales pro who prospects for new business--using a consultative (question-based) sales approach.

Participants are led through the logical sequence of each business people computerstep of the sales call process, learning step-by-step, what-to-say and how-to-say it ideas, strategies, and techniques for initial calls, follow-up calls, account management calls, and more.

This program is how-to, not “should do.” Lots of “gurus” preach that you should create interest, ask good questions, talk to the real decision makers, etc. But they don’t give you the how, which is what really matters, right? In this program you get the what-to-say, when-to-say-it, why-to-say-it, and what-to-say-after-they-respond messaging that you need to get what you want in sales. You can be a smooth, polished sales pro, motivated to place that next call and get that next YES!

This is a SALES program. The most effective way to sell is still by talking to people. Granted, social media and email are great complements to the sales effort—and we do cover some best practices on using them—but the focus of this program is how to get through, get in, create interest with, and sell to decision makers by speaking with then.

"I've taken Art's College twice in my career and found both times to be very helpful. I've just started a new position and have opened 6 new accounts during the first few (training) weeks of my job and exceeded management's expectations."

Patrick Conomy Patrick Conomy
North American Herb & Spice Co.

Who Benefits from Attending?

officerunner woman imageThe Smart Calling College inside sales training and prospecting training is designed for professional business-to-business salespeople who use the phone as their primary method of communication with prospects and customers. Titles for this function include Inside Sales, Account Management, Business Development, Lead Generation, Customer Service (if they’re proactive) and Telemarketing (if they use a consultative, needs-based approach).

Outside sales reps who want to be more effective at prospecting businessman image(Smart Calling, not cold calling) and use their time more efficiently also show great results from the College. Regardless of whether your call objective is to qualify and set an appointment, or to sell, this program is for you.

The sales instruction is at the hands-on level, for the person who is on the phone. However, we find about 30% of attendees are managers, supervisors, and trainers who are able to take the hundreds of how-to ideas, word-for-word tips and strategies and use them in their own in-house inside sales training. And if you are a manager or trainer and your team is attending, you most definitely need to as well, so that everyone is working from the same process and terminology.

For Both the New and Experienced Sales Professionals

Reps who have never had sales training will implement a proven methodical system for placing successful inside sales and prospecting calls, and become confident in doing so. (Our experience shows it pays to correctly train new reps before bad habits are entrenched.)

Experienced sales pros get re-energized, armed with new ideas, old bad habits corrected, and being reminded of the tried and true--yet sometimes neglected--fundamentals which were rescued from the recesses of their memory.  Many course members go through the College a second or third time--or more--  after their first experience, and get as much or more from it. Ultimately, the results shown from the College aren’t a function of an attendee’s years of sales experience, but rather his or her attitude toward self-improvement.

The College Addresses All Aspects of Using the Phone In the Professional Sales Process
Sales professionals perform some, or all, of these functions in their jobs. Here is how you’ll show results from the College in each:

Inside Sales/Account Management

  • How to build value on every contact so you’re welcomed on every call, as opposed to being viewed as a typical salesperson or vendor they price-haggle with
  • What to say to avoid opening calls with, “Just checking in with you to see if everything’s OK.”

Prospecting and Cold (Smart) Calling/Lead generation/Outside Selling

  • You'll cover Art's proven Smart Calling prospecting process that sales reps worldwide are using to get through, get in , and sell!
  • How to use the phone to ensure that you spend your valuable face-to-face time with interested, qualified, buyers, instead of people who say, “You have five minutes, make it quick,” out in the lobby.


For Managers and Trainers, Too.
We've found that historically anywhere from 5% to 40% of the classes are comprised of managers and trainers who want to learn more, and incorporate the material into their own in-house training.


Complements Your In-House Training
Even if you have a regular inside sales training program for your staff, consider sending reps to the College to maximize their productivity. Some companies send reps as a reward for productivity or winning a sales contest. While that’s a good idea, don’t neglect the people who also probably need the training and reinforcement the most. No one can get too much inside sales training, and most people don’t get enough. A well-trained sales rep on the phone is confident, has a great attitude, sells more, and causes less personnel hassles. It’s a small investment in future success.


I did your Smart Calling College course last May – it really helped boost my confidence and get my first sales. The support after the course was great – it was really helpful being able to have access to the materials and brush up on certain points when I needed to. I’m looking forward to doing the whole course again live with a new group – excited about the extra motivation and energy the live rounds bring!

Ginger Turner
Co-Founder, Adelion

"I have attended Art's College twice, and have sent salespeople to his College in my sales management role.  I also own all of Art's books, and I visit his website frequently.  I use everything Art has taught me to help my salespeople be successful, and to continue my own sales success as well.  I plan on signing up for the new Smart Calling College, and look forward to the updated program."

Dean Tieman Dean Tieman
Sales Manager, Infra-Metals Co.

How is the Training Delivered?

The course is delivered through online video. Art is personally onscreen delivering the lessons to you, with accompanying slides of concepts, messaging, graphics, and video segments. The content is man computer “chunked,” with some very brief segments, others a bit longer. Art likes to have fun when presenting and tends to share a lot of stories and use humor to make it entertaining and fast-moving.

You will also have the capability to participate in the course portal community itself, interacting with other sales pros... leaving comments, questions, success stories, and have active discussion with each lesson. Art  personally monitors and participates with all of the attendees of the program.



When Does the College Begin?

Now! You get access to the entire course, all 12 modules to consume at your own pace.

Each module contains 2-6 videos, ranging from a 3-13 minutes or so.

Again, these are video lessons that you view at your convenience, on your own schedule. (For sales teams we strongly suggest setting aside blocks of time during the week to go through the lessons together and having your own group discussions and sharing).

The live webinars are recorded so if you can't make it live, no problem, they are up in the member's area that night to access at your convenience.

"When I first went to your College seminar, three companies and eight years ago, I was making $5.50/hour plus commission and hoping to break $20K/year. I still use the phone skills you taught, and now I'm the Regional Account Manager in outside sales for a division of McGraw Hill doing high-level sales, and my income has increased substantially as well. Thanks for the advice and training over the years. It has paid off TREMENDOUSLY!"

Tim Nelson, Regional Account Manager
McGraw-Hill Construction Dodge

Course Contents & Modules

Your Pre-Call Planning

More info...
  • Defining why people would be interested in talking to, and buying from you. (This will be the basis for the interest-creating messaging you'll use in your emails, voice mails, and in your openings)
  • Creating your Possible Value Statements, which are the actual  words you'll use to create interest and avoid resistance
  • What, where, why and how to gather the intelligence that will make your calls Smart, personalized, tailored, and relevant.  This ensures you don't sound like the typical cheesy salesperson or cold calling telemarketer. We will also cover what you need to do and avoid on LinkedIn.
  • What to do before your calls to ensure you’re never rejected again
  • How to set specific objectives that guide you on the successful call (along with examples)

Pre-Buyer Conversations

(Screeners and voicemail)

More info...
  • How to identify and locate not just the buyer, but all the key people involved in influencing what you sell.
  • Secrets of collecting valuable, real-time, internal sales intelligence before you reach your decision maker to make your calls "smart," and therefore relevant and interesting.
  • How to get screeners on your side in helping you sell to the boss (this contradicts what many “experts” say, but it works).
  • How to create and deliver voice mail messages that get listened to, and responded to
  • What NOT to say to screeners (and on voice mail) which is sure to categorize you as a “typical time-wasting salesperson.”
  • Word-for-word examples of interest-creating messages.

"Sounding" for Success

More info...
  • How to sound the way you want to “look” over the phone so your voice enhances your message, and not detract from it.
  • What to do to avoid annoying “uhh” and other filler habits.

Opening Statements that Grab Interest and Minimize Resistance

More info...
  • 20 call-killing examples of what to never say during the first 30 seconds of the call, mistakes that most callers don't even realize are hurting them
  • Proven formulas, templates, and tons of word-for-word examples of prospecting, account management, follow-up, and inactive account opening statements to use as-is or modify.
  • How to deliver value on every call, and avoiding the "just checking in," "touching base," and "wanted to see if you got my email" calls.
  • How to respond to the "I'm not interested" and other early resistant reflex responses
  • On the follow-up webinar we will do reviews and makeovers of attendee's actual openings

Helping People Buy Through Questioning

More info...
  • How to plan the questioning strategy that will help you identify their needs, pains, problems, concerns and desires, and put them in the frame of mind to want to hear what you have.
  • Why many of your “benefits” might be liabilities, and how to use the “Question Generator” to create the questions to uncover the precise info you need, and then your subsequent questions and responses
  • There are such things as dumb questions in sales; examples, and how to avoid them.
  • How to question at the "advanced" level
  • How to get even the most closed-minded people to open up
  • How to question conversationally, and not have it sound like a survey or interrogation

Listening at the Advanced Level

More info...
  • The one word that can help you become an exceptional listener.
  • What you need to do all of the time to listen at the highest level, and the two points where you need to do it in the communications process

Persuasive Sales Recommendations

More info...
  • How to talk less during a presentation—and sell more.
  • How to ensure you’re only presenting what they’re interested in.
  • The four-step process for presenting exactly what they want to hear in order to buy, or meet with you
  • How to get them to "write your presentation" for you
  • How to maximize value so price is not an issue later.
  • How to build urgency into your recommendation.
  • How to pre-empt objections before they occur.

Asking for and Getting Commitment (Closing)

More info...
  • How to move every call forward with commitments
  • Adopting the "asking" mindset
  • Specific commitment/closing questions you can use and modify.
  • When asking for commitment is pushy, when it’s not.
  • How to ask for larger sales and commitments, more often, successfully, with more confidence! (Could just one successful "ask" pay for your investment in this entire program?"

Dealing Successfully with Resistance and Objections

More info...
  • Why objections are feared by most people—except by you after this module.
  • Why people will never change their mind with typical salesy scripted objection rebuttals
  • The only way to get someone to change their mind, which is conversational and collaborative
  • Working on the “Objection Autopsy” so you can comfortably and confidently address every objection you hear.
  • How to deal with objections in a conversational, non-adversarial way.

How to Set Up the Next Action; What to Say on the Follow Up Call

More info...
  • How to set up your next contact so you have something more intelligent to say than, “Well, didja get the material I sent?” and, “Any questions?”
  • Getting prospects and customers to do homework to ensure they're committed.
  • How to ensure they actually read the information and evaluate the samples you send.
    Setting real phone appointments that they are serious about.
  • Setting up longer-term follow ups with prospects who don't buy today, but could in the future

Beating Call Reluctance and Building Self-Motivation

More info...
  • How to remove self-imposed limitations, and set and stay committed to your goals
  • Seven keys to minimizing and eliminating feelings of rejection
  • Six ideas for building self-confidence
  • How to get the motivational fires roaring so you are calling, and producing at a high level

Plus much, much more!

About Your Instructor, Art Sobczak

If you are not familiar with Art you can see his bio here, along with video of him in action.

As a Result of this Program You Will Be Able to...

  • Put listeners in a positive frame of mind, instead of causing them to begin thinking of ways to get rid of you
  • Get them participating, willingly, in the call
  • Avoid getting shot down in the first few seconds
  • Comfortably, confidently, and successfully work WITH screeners, differentiating yourself from the other sales reps who called that day, to be helped through to the buyer
  • Create voice mail messages that get RESULTS
  • Never experience "rejection" again

Your Five Live Training Webinars

To complement the video training, Art will hold five live training webinars. These sessions will review the course material, answer participant questions, review participant scripts and messaging, and present new material specific to today's challenging and constantly-changing environment.

If you can't attend live, the programs will be recorded and placed in the course area for review at any time.

(UPDATE: The webinars were conducted and recorded and are now available for immediate access when you enroll)

  • Art’s Personal Review of Your Voice Mail/Opening Statement

    During the program you will work to create your messaging to create interest with your prospects and customers. Without solid voice mails and openings there is little hope for the call itself. Art will review one of your messages personally and provide his feedback/coaching. Just a word or two can make the difference in creating interest, resistance, or indifference and Art is a seasoned expert in this coaching. This alone could pay for your entire program.  $200 value

  • Smart Calling Report Sales Tips Letter Monthly Access

    You will access to the longest-running newsletter in sales training, the Smart Calling Report.  (formerly the Telephone Prospecting and Selling Report). Each month Art publishes eight pages of sales tips and how-to’s on all parts of the sales and prospecting call. You will receive  each monthly issue for the duration of the six-month access to the College.

Sales Stimulus Elite Training Registration Details

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