Artsmall"Join me at one of the only two public training workshops I'm doing this Spring/Summer. I'll work with you on your successful sales/prospecting call."

Look at What Attendees Had to Say

Attend the training workshop that has helped thousands of salespeople since 1992!

“We have already implemented your action steps and are getting great results. By using these steps we are moving the sale along faster with every contact.”
Jobe Sellers, VP, Walman Optical

“I’ve actually doubled my sales production since taking your course! Thanks again.”
Gary Baptiste, E-Z Data Inc.

“I’ve taken three AMA sales training courses and Karrass Negotiating, and I got more out of the College than the other four combined! I liked your focus on the quality of call rather than the quantity.”
Susan Yearsley, ICI Americas

“I wish it could be longer! Never have I been to a seminar where I felt I could go another entire week to learn even more information.”
Ingrid Gurzynski, Thomas Register Publishing

“I appreciated the down-to-earth, non-salesey approach. We didn’t spend time on theory and how things should be, we spent time on how they are.”
Brooke Sanders, Hewlett-Packard

“In the year after attending your program my sales doubled!”
Brad Prepon

“You will not only learn to sell more products and services, but you will make more money. We have been using the techniques and ideas throughout our Sales department and have seen our sales increase by 25%.”
Rick Totten, Vending Solutions

“Wow! I am lucky to have had the opportunity to attend your seminar. In less than a month my sales have already increased by over 5%.”
Sarah Faverman, Save More Resources, Inc.

“I loved your class and I learned alot. You were FANTASTIC! I learned that I used many wrong techniques. Your training made a lot of sense and I have been using the ideas and getting better results. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!”
Silvia Burdi (OEM Sales), Advance Transformer 

“I liked how applicable the College was. I’m going to use the tips right away. They weren’t ‘way out there.’ They’re common sense, easy to use.”
Kelly Wright, Underwriters Lab

“I liked that the College deals with the exact kind of calls I make.”
Lynette Burnham, Intralox

“Great information! As a new person in sales, this gave me the direction I need to form a plan on how to succeed in this career!”
Andrea Wedge, Blue Cross/Blue Shield

“The small group was what I liked, and Art is an incredibly motivating speaker who uses creative storytelling to keep the topics alive.”
Janice Ensminger, Ad Exchange

“Within one hour on the first day I noticed I was doing things wrong! I have been corrected and will never go back to the old ways. This program built my confidence!”
Margie Falvey, DSN Express Inc.

“Art’s content, energy, and enthusiasm fired me up to go back and motivate my staff.”
Angie Vasquez-Anderson, Amerus Bank

“The book is easy to follow, and I liked the Action Steps at the end of every chapter.”
Michael Jacobson, Agco

“I’ve attended many sales seminars before; thanks for dispelling all of those rigid sales methods.”
Sandy Alford, General Mills

“I have what I need to go and beat my competitors. Can’t wait for my first call tomorrow!”
Debbie DeFosse, Miller Beauty Supply