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Here are Early Details About the Upcoming Smart Calling College


Learn the Secrets of Using the Phone to Grab Interest, Avoid Resistance, Get Through Voice Mail, Set More Quality Appointments and/or Close More, Bigger Sales By Phone!

Attend the training workshop that has helped thousands of salespeople since 1992! For the first time, offered online, with unlimited lifetime access!

Artsmall"Join me in the training program that over 5000 sales pros have graduated and profited from."

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After 23 years of delivering hundreds of Smart Calling College (formerly Telesales College) public workshops live and in person nationwide, we are for the first time opening it up to everyone worldwide with an internet connection.

In January 2016 the Smart Calling College training workshop will be held in an online format. Art is taking two days of training that was delivered in person in the past, updating it, and delivering it online, with modules spaced in increments over the period of several weeks that you can participate in on your own schedule.


What is the Smart Calling College?

The Smart Calling College inside sales training and prospecting is a complete step-by-step training course for professional sales representatives who use the phone as their main method of communication--or for any outside or inside sales pro who prospects for new business--using a consultative (question-based) sales approach.

Participants are led through the logical sequence of each step of the sales call process, learning step-by-step, what-to-say and how-to-say it ideas, strategies, and techniques for initial calls, follow-up calls, account management calls, and more.

This program is how-to, not “should do.” Lots of “gurus” preach that you should create interest, ask good questions, talk to the real decision makers, etc. But they don’t give you the how, which is what really matters, right? In this program you get the what-to-say, when-to-say-it, why-to-say-it, and what-to-say-after-they-respond messaging that you need to get what you want in sales.

This is a SALES program. The most effective way to sell is still by talking to people. Granted, social media and email are great complements to the sales effort—and we do cover some best practices on using them—but the focus of this program is how to get through, get in, create interest with, and sell to decision makers by speaking with then.

Who is it For?

The College is hands-on instruction for the frontline salesperson who is talking to prospects and customers.

In addition, over the past 20+ years about 30% of attendees have been managers, supervisors, and trainers who have taken the hundreds of how-to ideas, word-for-word tips and strategies and used them in their own in-house inside sales training. And if you are registering a team, we strongly urge you to include the manager who is responsible for coaching them.

For Both the New and Experienced Sales Professionals
Reps who have never had sales training walk away with a methodical system for placing successful inside sales and prospecting calls, and are confident in doing so. (Our experience shows it pays to correctly train new reps before bad habits are entrenched.)

And experienced sales pros leave energized, armed with new ideas, old bad habits corrected, and being reminded of the tried and true (yet sometimes neglected) fundamentals which were rescued from the recesses of their memory. We’ve even had individuals attend the College a second time a year or so after their first experience, and get as much or more from it. Ultimately, the results shown from the College aren’t a function of an attendee’s years of sales experience, but rather his or her attitude toward self-improvement.

When is it?

Course content will be released over a three-week period, starting Sunday January 17, then on January 24th and January 31st. There will be approximately 2-3 total hours of video instruction each week, covering 3-4 modules. Again, these are video lessons that you view at your convenience, on your own schedule. (For sales teams I strongly suggest setting aside blocks of time during the week to go through the lessons together and having your own group discussions and sharing).

The live, interactive webinars for each block will be on the Monday afternoons of the following weeks, January 25, February 1, and Feb 8, giving you a week to get through the videos and do the exercises.

How is it Delivered?

The course will be delivered through online video. I will personally be onscreen introducing the material and wrapping up each section. The bulk of the content will be me delivering the lessons with accompanying slides of concepts, messaging, graphics, and video segments. The content will be “chunked,” with some very brief segments, others a bit longer. I like to have fun when I present and tend to tell a lot of stories and use humor, and although I won’t have a live audience I’ll still pretend hundreds of you are there live with me.

Participants will download workbook materials that I will pretty much insist you have in front of you during the program. These will include the many, many examples not shown on screen, and you will use this as a valuable reference guide moving forward. For most of the modules I will assign exercises and activities you can do alone, or as a group at your office. We will go through these on our live webinar/coaching calls.

On the live webinar/coaching calls I will address questions, present material, open up discussion, and have participation from other students. If you can’t attend these sessions live, no worries, as they will be recorded and placed in the course area for unlimited access on your schedule.

Students will also have the capability to participate in the course portal community itself, interacting with other sales pros... leaving comments, questions, success stories, and have active discussion with each lesson. I will personally monitor and participate as well.

Why Should Someone Attend?

The knowledge and ability to use the correct messaging in sales is the difference between never getting to a buyer, getting constantly rejected, and not generating revenue, versus being that polished, smooth professional who gets through to buyers, gets calls returned, creates interest, has a full pipeline, and cashes big paychecks. And is motivated because success makes it easier to and fun to sell.

Salespeople who are not properly trained suffer the same sales-killing mistakes over and over, like the horrible golfer who has a fundamentally screwed up swing with no chance of ever hitting the ball hard or straight. More activity doesn't make either one better--it just solidifies the bad habits. Both get frustrated and dejected, destined to continue their misery. Except the salesperson is actually costing his/her company money, in terms of salary, lost opportunities, and perhaps even alienating would-be customers.

Smart Calling College graduates begin using their new approach and messaging after the very first lessons to avoid mistakes and get positive results, with renewed motivation.

Other Benefits for You

-No air, hotel, meals, cab, or other travel expense
-No time away from the office or family
-Access the training on YOUR schedule
-Have LIVE interaction with Art Sobczak (if you are not familiar with Art, just Google his name, or click here.)

-Unlimited, LIFETIME Access to the Current Program at that Time
This one is unheard of. You don’t just attend the Smart Calling College and then become an alumnus. You become a lifetime member. We plan on holding the program three times in 2016 and then at least 2-3 times yearly after that. As long as you are with the organization that paid for your attendance, you will infinitely have individual access to the course, meaning you can always attend the program live as we introduce new sessions, and at any time access the most recent delivery. (Would your actual college allow you to go back at no charge and attend classes? )

-Additional Bonuses. Attendees will get additional bonuses to complement and supplement the course training, which will be announced later.

What is the Investment?

To attend the live Smart Calling Workshops we have charged $895. And with travel, expenses, extra time away from work, etc., companies figured the amount invested per attendee was easily $2,000-$3,000, and it was still a bargain in terms of ROI.

The good news for you is that the investment per attendee will be LESS than the $895, with a discount for multiple attendees from a company. And again, that is for lifetime access per individual. (Complete pricing details will be released soon. We will open up registration prior to January 1 so you can use your remaining 2015 budget before year-end. Please contact Art at 480-699-0958 if you need to make special arrangements now.)

What are the Next Steps?

We will release more details in the next couple of weeks. Watch your inbox. For now, if you are interested and want to be in the first group to get access to the information and the Early Registration invitations, click below to get on the Early Notification list.

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